A Useful Guide on Purchasing BBQ Smokers for Greenville, SC Residents

Smoker sizes also vary greatly, from small bullets that would be ideal for the occasional slab of rib dinner for you and the spouse; or a large one that can crank up succulent smoked dishes for at least 20 persons on a Saturday BBQ. Also, as Meathead advises in his article, consider the width of the smoker and the size of slab it can fit. Likewise, he says, “You will want enough room to smoke a turkey, so make there is enough headspace between a rack and the top of about 1′.”

In summary, buying a smoker all boils down to how much you are willing to spend on one, how you intend to use it, and the amount of fun you want to get out of it. Check out the products offered by reliable sources such as Buchanan Fire and Outdoor. These companies may also carry a range of BBQ grills in Greensville, SC, to give you more options for your outdoor dining experience.


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