BBQ Smokers in Greenville, SC and Delicious Budget Home-Cooked Meals

Barbecue, or BBQ if you prefer, is one of the most fundamental parts of American cuisine. It is so influential that an entire culture of backyard weekend grilling was practically built around it. More recently, regional variations of BBQ from all across America—particularly from the BBQ-heavy states of Texas, Alabama, Kansas City, Kentucky, North and South Carolina, among others—have been wowing diners everywhere, increasing demand for these grilled gastronomic treats. While it serves as great exposure to these dishes, which would have remained regional staples if not for the publicity, there have been concerns that the sudden popularity of barbecue has its downsides.

An article on the Wall Street Journal’s website dated February 5, 2015 details how the strong demand for a particular cut of meat, which was traditionally considered one of the least desirable portions of beef, saw a sharp increase in its prices. In accordance with this increase, restaurants also raised their prices.


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