Why You Should Pick Gas Logs over Wood for Your Residential Fireplace

There is a certain charm in traditional fireplaces that not even the most sophisticated modern heating system can duplicate. Even those high-end electric fireplaces cannot compare to the cheery warmth and comfort a real fireplace can give. In Greenville SC, gas logs and wood fireplaces are being prepared in anticipation for the upcoming winter season.

When it comes to traditional fireplaces, however, is propane gas really much better fuel than wood?

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages using either fuel for your fireplace. For traditionalists, wood is much preferred over gas logs since it gives off an ambience of authenticity. However, gas log fireplaces nowadays mimic the authentic vibe a wood-fueled fireplace gives that it hardly matters for most homeowners. Since ambience and style are almost the same regardless, most homeowners based their decision on other factors. Read more on this article.


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