Don’t Neglect Routine Maintenance for Fireplaces for a Cozier Home


Your fireplace plays an important role in keeping your home comfortable. Not only does it add a nice, homely touch to the room it is located in, but it also makes for an efficient source of heat, especially during colder nights.

Some homeowners, however, end up neglecting its maintenance, especially during the warmer months when it is not usually used. This could have an impact on its performance in the long run, leading to all sorts of problems not only for the fireplace but also for the rest of the home.

Sweeping It Clean

The easiest thing to do to clean up fireplaces in Greenville, SC homes and elsewhere is to sweep it clean of ash and debris. These tend to accumulate over time, even if you haven’t been using the fireplace in a while. Not only is it important to do this for general housekeeping considerations, but also because these are actually potential fire hazards. Read more from this blog:

How to Keep a Fireplace Using Gas Logs Clean and Operating Efficiently


Turning on a fireplace is a great way to take the chill away on a winter evening. Aside from the warmth it can provide homes in Greenville, SC and elsewhere, this type of gas fireplace offers many advantages compared to a traditional wood-burning fireplace. In order to make the most of your fireplace using gas logs, be sure to follow these important safety and maintenance tips.

Clean the Glass

About once per month, you will need to clean the gas log fireplace doors with an appropriate type of glass cleaner. Regular cleaning of the glass allows them to maintain transparency. It also removes any dust or dirt that could cause unpleasant smells if it is burned or heated. It’s important that both sides of the glass are cleaned. Do this a few hours before you plan to turn on the propane gas in your home. Read more from this blog:

Navigating the Ins and Outs of Direct Vent and Vent-Free Fireplaces


Who hasn’t been mesmerized by flames gently flickering in the fireplace? Curling up for an evening in front of the fire is one of winter’s most relaxing pastimes. Whatever the weather may be like outside, you’ll be comforted to know that it will be warm and toasty inside, making even the most frigid weather bearable. A gas fireplace can make all this possible, so if you’re considering adding one to your home, be sure to know how each type works.


Making a Choice

Whether it’s for heat, ambiance or both, gas fireplaces in Greenville, SC are very popular. If you are eco-conscious, they are one of the cleanest burning fuel options. The two types of gas fireplaces provide plenty of heat, but work in different ways. Read more from this blog:

Why More People Should Consider Using Propane Gas to Heat Their Home


In today’s economic climate, saving money where possible is something on everyone’s radar. While most people will use electricity to power and heat their homes, it isn’t the only way, and it is also not always the cheapest way.

Using Propane Gas

Propane gas is a great alternative to electricity for powering your home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, it has been found to produce fewer greenhouse gases than many other heating sources, including electricity.

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Why Gas Logs Can be a Great Alternative Method in Heating Your Home


Traditional wood burning fireplaces can give a room an authentic look, but they can be very time consuming. Gas logs near Greenville, SC, are a great alternative because they give you the look of a traditional fireplace without the stress.

There are many advantages to having a gas fireplace. With this kind, you no longer have to worry about splitting and storing logs, nor put much thought into cleaning a chimney. You also get instant flames at the push of a button, and as much as 75-99% of the fuel’s energy come back as heat, compared to 10-30% for wood fires.

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Why You Should Pick Gas Logs over Wood for Your Residential Fireplace

There is a certain charm in traditional fireplaces that not even the most sophisticated modern heating system can duplicate. Even those high-end electric fireplaces cannot compare to the cheery warmth and comfort a real fireplace can give. In Greenville SC, gas logs and wood fireplaces are being prepared in anticipation for the upcoming winter season.

When it comes to traditional fireplaces, however, is propane gas really much better fuel than wood?

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages using either fuel for your fireplace. For traditionalists, wood is much preferred over gas logs since it gives off an ambience of authenticity. However, gas log fireplaces nowadays mimic the authentic vibe a wood-fueled fireplace gives that it hardly matters for most homeowners. Since ambience and style are almost the same regardless, most homeowners based their decision on other factors. Read more on this article.

How Fireplaces Can Reduce the Power Bill of Greenville, SC Residents

As the winter season is fast approaching, residents are busy preparing their fireplaces to help bring in warmth and comfort into their homes. While some might deem fireplaces as wasteful, those who use either wood or gas logs in Greenville, SC have found that a fireplace can cut energy costs if used correctly.

Traditional vs. Modern: How to Reduce Your Heating Bills during Winter

One of the greatest concern of most residential homes is how their heating bill skyrockets every winter. While most are busy finding ways to reduce their energy costs during this cold season, fireplace installation seems to be one of those ideas that people don’t really take seriously, mainly because it is generally deemed whimsical and uneconomical. Yet, contrary to popular belief, a traditional fireplace is more practical to use than modern heaters, especially when done under the right conditions. Read more from this blog.